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PSST introduces GotZoom, a student loan relief program

PSST now offers GotZoom – the student loan relief program that meets a critical need for the public service employer in an emerging high-growth benefit category. GotZoom provides more benefit for the employee than either a contribution platform or debt refinancing – and at ZERO cost to the employer.

Employee average monthly student loan reduction
Employer cost

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The student loan debt crisis is dramatically increasing every year and employees are seeking assistance from their employers to help them address this crushing financial responsibility.


of college graduates have student loan debt

44+ million

Americans have student loan debt


average student loan debt for recent college graduates

$2.4 trillion

forecasted student loan debt by 2025

Federal loans are the largest student debt at 82% ($1.4 trillion) of all student loans. The most impactful way to reduce this federal student loan debt is to utilize the many federal repayment programs that are subsidized and available today.

So why do billions of federal program dollars go unclaimed each year? For three reasons:

  1. Federal student loan debt holders don’t know they’re eligible.
  2. Corporate/Organization-sponsored student loan debt relief programs do not leverage the federal resources and programs for their employees.
  3. The U.S. Department of Education and Services makes the process of leveraging federal repayment programs difficult. The enrollment process is arduous, fraught with obstacles and requires annual re-certification. Only 4% of those eligible have applied. Currently 45+ million Americans have federal student loans, which represents 1 out of every 4 Americans 18 – 65 years old.

Get Real Results with GotZoom

  • no-cost, no-obligation loan analysis and benefits summary to determine employee eligibility (service fees only apply after the employee has reviewed and approved his/her individual repayment/forgiveness programs)
  • easy, online self-enrollment for employees
  • complete management of all the required administrative work throughout the term of the repayment program, including any annual re-certifications
  • on-going monitoring of DOE programs for changes that could result in additional savings
  • loan and program fee payments through convenient payroll deduction

Real Financial Impact for Employees

Access to these federal repayment programs significantly impacts both the employee’s monthly payment and/or the term of the loan(s). For a first-year program cost of under $800, the average program participant can save over $5,000 annually. That’s an average benefit ratio of 1 to 6! For a second-year program cost of $400, the average program participant can save another $5,000. That is an average benefit ratio of 1 to 12! The Public Sector Loan Forgiveness program can increase the benefit ratio to a whopping 1 to 50!

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* Federal Student Loans only.

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