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Connect data sources seamlessly and remove manual, error-ridden and time-consuming processes involved in annual employee benefit enrollment, government compliance and reporting.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder.


View and correct errors before submitting government reports.


Complete database and software integration streamlines workflow.


Eliminate the need to chase paper trails with completely electronic solutions.


No longer waste time on slow, manual processes.

Seamless Is The Solution

ACA Compliance & Reporting

Monitor. Collect. Report.
Be confident in your Affordable Care Act compliance and annual IRS reporting with PSST’s ACA-Track. This PSST solution will perform Affordable Care Act compliance tracking for all employee hours worked for 100% of your employee base (full-time, part-time, seasonal, cross location, etc.), with total data integration with any payroll system or HRIS and most financial management systems. ACA-Track electronically creates IRS reports, and maintains all ACA compliance data in one location for easy retrieval in the event of an IRS audit.

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Problems We Solve
  • Easy single data load for IRS submission — no back and forth
  • IRS notifications sent directly to you — no checking and rechecking for errors
  • Your dedicated Account Manager personally helps you navigate through the complexity of the ACA law for confident reporting
  • Use our Transmitter Control Code (TCC) — no need to acquire your own

Benefit Enrollment Integration

Easier. Faster. Completely Seamless.
Never touch another piece of paper for open enrollment again. PSST Benefit Enrollment integration offers 100% electronica transfer of all data and ensures security and accuracy. With one click, all employee deduction data is sent to your benefit provider, who easily uploads the data into their online benefit program. Benefit selections, changes and/or drops are then made online by employees. Files are returned to your K-12 for easy review and upload into your system of record — completely paperless!

Problems We Solve
  • 100% employee payroll deduction data in real-time – no waiting
  • 100% electronic transfer of all data ensures security and accuracy
  • 0% paper is involved, eliminating time-consuming manual processes
  • Electronic data review and remediation reduces errors

Employee Financial Wellness

Student Loan Relief Program
The student loan debt crisis is dramatically increasing every year and employees are seeking assistance from their employers to help them address this crushing financial responsibility.

PSST now offers GotZoom – the student loan reduction program that meets a critical need for the public service employer in an emerging high-growth benefit category. GotZoom provides more benefit for the employee than either a contribution platform or debt refinancing – and at ZERO cost to the employer.

Ready to learn more about revolutionizing recruitment and retention with GotZoom? Click here.
Problems We Solve
  • Eliminates costs to employer
  • Reduces employer administration with simple 3-step online self-enrollment for employees
  • Reduces employee student loan debt up to 65%
  • Eliminates annual submission of paperwork to federal programs as GotZoom handles all administration

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