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Consultative Services

Sometimes solutions lie in the experience of others rather than in technology alone. PSST’s Business Office consultants represent more than 200 years’ experience as K-12 central office administrators in the areas of Finance, Human Resources and Payroll. With their K-12 acumen, our Business Office consultants are ready to use their first-hand knowledge and know-how to help improve processes, efficiency and effectiveness for your district in the areas of training and consultative support.

Assistance with Human Resources, Finance & Payroll Functions

PSST K-12 Business Office consultants are former K-12 Human Resources, Finance and Payroll professionals with “in- the-field” experience. As K-12 Business Office Consultants, their role is to help create greater efficiencies and reduce errors and redundancies for your district in the areas of Human Resources, Finance and Payroll:

  • Custom Reporting
  • New Hire Training
  • Munis® Importing
  • Payroll Support
  • HR Support
  • Finance Support
  • Fixed Assets
  • Analysis of Policy & Procedures
  • Best Practices Recommendations
  • Accounting Best Practices

Munis® Training Specialists

PSST has been helping K-12 districts maximize their use of Munis® since 1990. Let our experienced Munis experts expedite setup and provide training for these Munis Modules for your district:

  • Position Control
  • Payroll / Tenure
  • Contracts
  • Cubes
  • Dashboard
  • Accruals (Sick/Leave)
  • Budgeting
  • Year-End Close
  • Roles/Permissions
  • Salary Projections
  • Certifications

Start spending your time, talent and budget where they matter the most.

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