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Overwhelmed by the complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive task of traditional payroll processing? Even after completing the technical work of payroll, are you still bogged down by the significant amount of work required to distribute a check or direct deposit advice to each employee?

PSST offers an easier, time- and money-saving solution: eStub. Web-based, eStub gives you the control you need, while allowing employees access to their payroll and W-2 information via the Internet safely and securely.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Reduced time to process payroll
  • Reduced amount of employee inquiries
  • Supply savings
  • Reduced equipment usage
  • Elimination of check reprinting

Benefits to Employees:

  • Employer-approved access to payroll information from any computer with internet access
  • Payroll history available by pay date
  • Ability to print pay information or detailed accruals from the internet

eStub Features:

  • Filtering capabilities on the check grid
  • Ability to see all checks at once on the check grid by simply clicking the “All” button or by making the selection from the page dropdown list
  • Inclusion of the bank logo on checks, as well as on the employee information screens
  • Check earnings information broken out by location with an added Cal YTD column
  • EMIS and an Employee Deductions Section on the Employee Information Sheet
  • Ability to turn on/off employee deductions on the employee information screen, via the Administration Section and to select which deductions are shown
  • Employee Information Sheet Accrual Section has been re-titled “Munis® Accrual Information” to reflect the source of the information

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