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What is ACA-Track?

ACA-Track will perform ACA compliance tracking for all employee hours worked for 100% of your employee base, with total data integration with any payroll system or HRIS and most financial management systems. Simpler still, ACA-Track electronically creates IRS reports, and maintains all ACA compliance data in one location for easy retrieval in the event of an IRS audit.


  • ALL actual hours worked by ALL employee types – full-time, part-time, paraprofessional.
  • From multiple systems including Finance, HR, Payroll, and Benefits


    • Employees as they approach and/or exceed offer eligibility thresholds.
    • Employee events such as waivers, leave and more.


    • 1095/1094 electronic filing
    • All ACA data maintained and easily accessed in the event of IRS audit.


Customizable Dashboard and User Interface

Choose the data fields you wish to see, arrange in your desired order, sort, filter and group, features that bring efficiency.

Snap Shot Summary

ACA-Track’s unique snapshot approach maintains employee ACA data views over time and preserves the payroll data (hours worked, job salary records, insurance status).

Details & Filters

All the ACA compliance data you need is right in front of you on one screen. Filter subsets of employees by ACA Status, FT/PT or Location, or click to an employee’s full history quickly and easily.

Flexible Configuration

With ACA-Track, you can make adjustments as needed. Configuration settings include:

  • Measurement, Administrative & Stability Periods — start/end dates
  • Days/Weeks/Months Worked — threshold and notification
  • Hours – weekly and monthly FTE calculation
  • Affordability Percent
  • Waiver Codes
  • New Hire Measurement

What are your ACA pains?

Concerned about costly APIs or customized data forms?

ACA-Track accepts data from multiple sources – in any format – and aggregates the data to produce a logical data set with NO upfront costs (in most cases) to standardize your data.

  • Excel or CSV files, as they come from your system(s) are great for ACA-Track.
  • No customized API or data form is required.

Want a true personal service experience?

All ACA-Track clients have a dedicated account manager.

Direct access with direct telephone and email contact.

  • No recorded greetings.
  • No telephone menu to navigate.

Dedicated means you work with the same account manager who knows your organization with every ACA issue or concern.

  • Data issues
  • IRS corrections

Although no ACA-Track client has received a penalty letter, ACA-Track has counseled non-clients through penalty letters, and provided legal counsel to help greatly reduce size of penalties.

Frustrated trying to load ACA data only to stop and start again and again because of data errors?

With ACA-Track all errors are detected and aggregated for review and remediation during a single data load.

  • No back and forth.
  • All errors can be reviewed and corrected inside the ACA-Track software.
  • No additional data loads, simply correct the errors inside the data loading utility.

Are multiple EINs making ACA too complicated?

Multiple EINs are no problem with ACA-Track.

  • ACA-Track’s data validation process ensures you never upload data to the wrong EIN – no matter how many you have.

Do you have multiple coverage groups based on a bargaining unit like location, job type or pay type?

ACA-Track can easily handle various and multiple coverage groups with our Coverage Group feature in our Reporting Wizard.

Losing too much productivity waiting and checking for IRS errors? Correcting errors causing frustration and eating time?

ACA-Track pushes error notifications directly to clients, eliminating the back-and-forth checking with the IRS for errors.  And, with ACA-Track, errors can be corrected within the software and resubmit files immediately.

  • Dedicated Account Manager can assist you through the error remediation process.
  • Dedicated Account Manager can translate and group IRS errors saving you time and ensuring accuracy.



ALL clients met IRS deadlines since 2015.


Service Options

1) Full-Service Tracking & Reporting
2) Reporting Only
3) E-file with XML



Just 2 clicks away from all ACA data for IRS audit.


Districts & Municipalities

More than 300 K-12 School Districts and Municipalities served.

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