Process Review

How confident is your district that its internal business processes, controls and software are in place and functioning as effectively as possible? How can you be assured your district is getting maximum use from these resources?

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Review. Evaluate. Take Action.

PSST’s Business Process Review is a proven approach to helping K-12 Human Resources, Finance, Payroll and Benefit professionals realize efficiencies and cost savings, and maximize the use of their data sources and management software. The objective is to evaluate the district’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage business processes and remain in compliance with Federal and State regulatory and legal requirements, then provide recommendations for remediation in areas of concern.

Our Business Process Review entails our PSST K-12 business experts spending time with your district’s Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, and Benefit administrators to review and assess business processes, district data sources and management software. This process generally takes one to three days to execute. The result is a straightforward, clearly outlined report that addresses areas of concern and findings that represent conditions, errors or internal control weaknesses identified during the Business Process Review. Each noted area is rated from low to critical and accompanied by recommended action steps to remediate identified issues.


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