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Payroll Integration Solutions


Integrate your systems of record with your payroll and absence management software to create a seamless data environment that reduces errors and saves time.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder.


Catch the small stuff before it becomes an issue.


Seamless, paperless, streamlining is the answer.


No longer waste time on slow, manual processes.


Create less opportunity for error in your critical data.

Seamless Is The Solution

Absence Management Integration

Superior Functionality. Instant Accessibility.
PSST Absence Management Integration moves critical information to and from your district’s absence management software and system of record seamlessly and bi-directionally. No more fumbling with FTP file transfers between systems and software. As you access your system of record and absence management software from a single screen (yes, a single screen!), you can validate data, address errors prior to data imports, view potential areas of concern, and more. Plus, you can update new absence management software with your system of record information with the push of a button.

Problems We Solve
  • Saves as many as 4 man days per payroll period*
  • Saves time with single-screen access of both data and software
  • Reduces errors by allowing access to miskeyed data prior to import
  • Creates efficiencies by resolving code control compatibility issues between systems

* Average based on district size.

Payroll Error Monitoring

Find and Remediate Errors.
Payroll errors, left undetected, can be costly for a K-12 district of any size. PSST’s solution for Payroll Error Monitoring helps to flag bad data and find its source so remediation can be immediate and documented. Costly Payroll (as well as HR and GL Account) errors can also be prevented because this PSST solution scours your financial management system for illogical and inaccurate data. Also, reports of missing, incorrect or changed data can be emailed from this PSST Payroll solution to anyone in your K-12 district.

Problems We Solve
  • Reduces errors by finding bad data in GL accounts, deductions or pay codes
  • Reduces costs related to unchecked Payroll errors
  • Saves time finding and remediating Payroll errors

Payroll Compare

Review. Compare. Correct.
With a single click, PSST’s Payroll Compare will make the job of ensuring correct payroll results for all your employees easier and more efficient. Payroll Compare will reveal any earning, deduction and accrual records from a previous payroll warrant that are different compared to current payroll results. Plus, there are flexible options for viewing, such as choosing earning codes, deduction/benefit codes and job classes—all with one click.  You cannot fix what you cannot see, and this PSST integration solution lets you see payroll differences that need correcting!

Problems We Solve
  • A single click easily helps ensure correct payroll results
  • Provides flexibility for payroll periods and types of data to compare
  • Eliminates guesswork — all data type differences are highlighted

Employee Position & Data Tracking

Accessing. Updating. Reporting.
Critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of your Payroll management and reporting is the ability to access employee data. PSST offers Employee Position and Data Tracking solutions for accessing, updating and using your employee data the way you need it, when you need it.  Our solutions will help your K-12 district pull ALL your data together and consolidate Employee Master Data reporting efforts quickly and effortlessly, with up-to-date and accurate data, including demographic, accrual, and job-specific earning and deduction information.

Problems We Solve
  • Reduces errors by improving access to up-to-date and accurate data
  • Reduces time to produce and print employee earning, deduction and accrual statements and notifications
  • Reduces time to create Employee Master Data reports that include demographic, accrual, job specific earning and deduction information
  • Provides multiple options for producing needed documents such as customized contracts, various letters and labels, directories, timesheets and new hire reporting forms, and more

W-2 Services

Creating W-2s with Minimal Effort.
This PSST Payroll solution allows your K-12 district to produce W-2s quickly and with minimal effort.  Conveniently connect remotely to PSST from your K-12 office, and we prepare your employee W-2s, along with copies for employer records. Need completed forms printed? PSST verifies your W-2 balance, then prints, folds, seals and ships your district’s W-2s right to your door. We can also assist with electronic W-2 file transmittal to federal and state agencies.

Problems We Solve
  • Saves time in producing employee W-2s
  • Reduces opportunity for errors with completely electronic processes
  • Offers convenience with remote connection and file transmission to federal and state agencies
  • Ensures W-2 balance verification

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