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Covington Independent School District

PSST Absence Management Integration for Munis® and Frontline Absence & Time reduced staff time spent manually keying data and allowed for updates in real-time for Covington Independent School District in Kentucky.

Reduced staff time

Data updates in real-time,
no flat files

Less paper,
less keying

The Problem

The management of substitutes throughout Covington Independent School District (ISD) in Kentucky had become cumbersome and time-consuming and often required redundant exercises that inflated additional staff hours per school to manage.

The Solution

A solution for absence management would require integration with Covington ISD’s financial management system, Tyler Munis®. Key areas of interest for Covington Independent included:

• Eliminating costly data conversions
• Resolving control code compatibility issues between systems via internal conversion tables
• Eliminating the need to transfer via FTP files between Munis and its substitute management software, Frontline Absence & Time.

The district decided to implement a bi-directional integration solution – PSST Absence Management Integration.

The Results

The implementation of PSST Absence Management Integration was a necessity, according to Covington ISD Payroll Supervisor Carlene Goins.

"It takes care of absences, automates and records information, and it sends to payroll their accruals," Goins said. "This greatly reduces staff time."

PSST Absence Management Integration allows the payroll department to access, maximize and update Munis data, tying directly into the Munis dashboard, and using Frontline Absence & Time software so all human resources files can be viewed on a single screen.

"We really like the PSST products, especially [Absence Management Integration]," Goins said. "With [Absence Management Integration], this saves us many hours a week with less paper to process and less keying in data around substitute management especially."

Additionally, Goins cites sheer efficiency as the most important reason to use PSST Absence Management Integration.
"We are no longer rushed each month on quarterly and monthly reports. We can evaluate where we are at as a district, and not wait until the end of the year to make new decisions around finances and human resources," she said.

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